It is not going to be as simple as we all think. No one can escape these intense times of deep transformation. This process may be painful and uncomfortable, but indeed a breakthrough. The complete knowing and acceptance of our own shortcomings requires us all to look, learn, and respond to ourselves and our business in a completely different way.

This wave of change brings a new structure for growth and potential. Our development on all levels will have to be addressed. A profit driving approach in business will no longer sustain or maintain. There will be a movement in human desire to be more emotionally and spiritually healthy. A desire to be more mindful in all business structures. Placing priority on what is important.

The spirited desire leads to a yearning to feel beyond the 5 senses to know one’s depth of purpose. A place where all relationship and communication dynamics support the good of all. Economic forces create a surge of change. Old fashioned long forgotten values of respect and honour will have to be implemented to sustain a new way. Individual top leaders much be more congruent in their professional dynamics to relate.

This kind of awakening is a positioning. The role of the ego has no place at all. All that does not serve will be illuminated to those pivotal to leading a new way. The wave brings an igniting of the spirit so that we understand ancient knowing and law that is beyond our current awareness. Our minds will work to come together from a pure humanist perspective. A place that promotes the potential of everyone. To support human potential as a form of productivity. To promote a sense of belonging. Congruent with what supports the whole.

Business is evolving rapidly, and old structures will not fit. They will crumble. The push for more is indeed the crush. A crush on what is important and a priority, A crush of identify. Of emotions. Of health. As the role of the leader changes so does their accountability and responsibility. An economic response is coupled with an eco-response to others, to purpose and to planet. New structures will not allow you to be “out for yourself”. For the way the wave moves is governed by a higher force, a force that will bring the governance externally.

Businesses will struggle to survive on their own. They will have to join forces. Therefore, elements of collaborative support will have to be understood and integrated. Honesty, openness, and a return to Trust are the vital components for certainty. These vital components are not open to falseness of one’s own agenda or personal gain or gratification.

We will all have to learn how to truly give knowing that the thriving of another is the road to more personal and professional fulfilment. Learning how to lend more of a hand of kindness in a bigger way. How to create a sense of family and friendship more than ever before.

Success lies in an ability to Relate. Leaders will be the education of a new way. But it requires a new you. Survival means opening your heart. Survival means giving, sharing, and caring beyond your current levels of awareness.

This new wave of illumination means we will have to pay consideration to the follow points.

  1. External factors will lead to a transformation in priority – building potentiality to create certainty.
  2. Personal and professional issues will have to be addressed. Within the realms of the workplace/business and profession. Development is the new productivity and profit.
  3. All business relations will have to develop beyond the current structures of intellect. A values-based approach creates the loyalty to succeed in uncertain times.
  4. It is no longer feasible or sustainable or ethical to have a sole profit driven approach. It simply will not accommodate the dynamics of multi-level wave in consciousness.
  5. Leaders must become congruent with their own health and well-being. Paying attention to Professional and personal development is a priority.
  6. Leaders will have to support human potential as a form of productivity. To promote a sense of belonging and to integrated values and sustainable resources.
  7. Business is evolving rapidly, and old structures will simply not fit.
  8. Current structures will crumble, and new structures will be built on the psychology of potential. An open doorway to potential for all not just a few. 

It is a rocky road for sure. A road that with grace will lead to a true understanding of the greatness of the human spirit. It means one thing. Change!

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 We look forward to our paths crossing.
Take good Care from all at the Retreat By Design Team