Who is Pictoria? Victoria Wilcox lives in Derbyshire and is an expert in creating visual artwork in multimedia. You might recognise her from her livestream broadcasts at The Derby Telegraph. Now she juggles her camera with a paintbrush and, as well as making pictures, is now making moves in the art world as a freelance visual content creator. And, with more than 25 years’ experience in an industry that preserves memories and moments forever, she knows what to look for.

Victoria has travelled the world on cruise ships, been in and on the news, had countless adventures and jumped in front of the camera to broadcast live to thousands on many occasions. Her role as picture editor for 15 years at The Derby Telegraph, organising exhibitions, training award-winning professional photographers and leading more than 500 local photographers in the Derby Togs networking group has given her an invaluable bank of skills. She has a deep understanding of social media, can tell a story in a single frame under pressure – and her impactful work has frequently been shortlisted for awards. Photographing famous faces and visiting countless places make Victoria’s background perfect for understanding an event or situation, and how to capture and share it through the power of pictures.

Her departure from the busy newsroom in 2018 to set up her own business in commercial photography, creative media and original artwork has been a journey of rediscovery

She told us at Savvy HQ: “ I always wanted to find a way to make a living by creating memories, images and art that others will cherish… but it took all these years to find it! My art teacher at school told me I couldn’t make a career as an artist – but that was before the world wide web developed. Now the possibilities are endless and connecting is much easier.
“I was looking to do something with my painting that would benefit others and stumbled across pet ‘pawtraits’ as a rewarding avenue to making regular commissioned art that’s in demand. I get pretty busy before Christmas time as people are eager to think of clever presents for their loved ones. Because I can work from a reference photograph, people often order them as a surprise, too. When I hear there have been tears (of joy!) on opening the framed artwork it makes me happy to know how much they will cherish what I’ve crafted.”

Victoria’s confidence in her artwork has grown so much that she has been filming for an upcoming episode on Sky TV, Landscape Artist Of The Year, due to be aired in the autumn. She said: “I was part of a location shoot with more than 50 other artists so it was a humbling experience among so many talented peers but I learnt so much and got some fabulous feedback from the judges and public, too. Tune in to see if you can spot me and see what you think of my landscape art too!”

But what about her camera gear? Is it gathering dust? Not at all. Victoria said: “My instagram has grown over the past year to more than 5,000 followers and I noticed my Derbyshire scenic photography in particular was getting a lot of likes. People were asking when I was going to sell my landscape photography, so I have put together a Delightful Derbyshire 2020 calendar. It’s a showcase of my followers’ favourites that will jazz up any wall all year round!”

One year in to being a sole trader, the question for this former journalist is: Is it working? Victoria told us: “I’m happier than I have ever been and, as the demand for my artwork increases, so does my sense of wellbeing

and pride in the knowledge that people are using my work to decorate their lives.”

Beat the rush for her Christmas commissions. Order your pet pawtrait before November 1st, quoting #SAVVYWOMEN and Victoria will give you 10% off the regular price on all sizes! The Delightful Derbyshire 2020 calendar is available for £12 (Free P&P).

To see more of Victoria’s pet pawtraits, portfolio and pictures, visit her website at www.pictoriapictures.com and follow her on Instagram too @pictoriavictoria

Image by © Andrea Dawson Photography 2019