Unfortunately, filling out your name and adding your website isn’t enough for a profile when it comes to using Twitter for marketing your business. Twitter is like a search engine (and it works brilliantly with Google too), so you need to be thinking about those ‘keywords’ your target audience will be looking to find you and your products or services.

It’s true that people do business with people, and so it’s important to get your personality across on social media. I’d say this is particularly the case with Twitter where the feed changes so quickly that once someone has stopped to look at your profile – you need to keep their attention as long as possible. Add a photograph of yourself for that personal touch. The photo you choose for Twitter (and your other social media accounts) should be as professional as possible.

Another thing to consider with your profile is your business branding

When you are your business, it’s important that you’re consistent across all social media platforms, as well as your website and printed marketing materials. Social media is about repetition and helping people remember who you are, and what you do. Ensuring that you use the same colours as your logo and website across your social media marketing will make it a lot easier for people to recognise that it’s you.

Don’t forget your hashtags!

Hashtags are great on Twitter and you should use them in your description within your profile as well. Again this will help you to be ‘found’ but also as a quick glance, people can see what your brand is all about.

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