I’m very excited to be able to share with Savvy readers the creative fuzz that is my brain and the goings on in my little empire!

2019 was our 5th year of providing quality corporate entertainment and adding lasting sparkle to family entertainment across the country. Our duty is to be ‘the memory makers’ and this stems long before the birth of Fancy Entertainment.

I will forever thank my mum, dad and sister Amelia, who is now also a performer with Fancy Entertainment, for what I can only describe as a perfect childhood. It was a childhood full of theatrical experiences, quirky traditions, make-believe and special events leading to many ‘can you remember’ moments over weekly Sunday dinner. Many of my memories are sitting down to watch shows in holiday parks, theme parks and at the local theatre so inevitably, it was only a matter of time before I began putting on shows of my own. Every dancing teddy bear or panto hero was truly real to me and a lasting snapshot of my youth.

Being a professional actor for 10 years, I have seen all of the ups and downs of the industry, and know that behind every dancing teddy bear is a performer trying to make ends meet while frantically trying to remember a wordy Shakespeare monologue for yet another audition. The sixty-third performance of any character is testing, let alone that dreaded, sweaty dancing teddy bear mascot that you despise. Nevertheless; no matter the character, no matter the number of shows, there will always be a child in the audience ready to be spell bound by the theatre. A child that truly believes. A personal aim for myself and now an expectation of every performer in my Fancy Family – treat every performance like it’s your first. Make it REAL.


Improvisation or ad-libbing is a common practice for actors, and a very difficult one at that! It involves reacting truthfully to events without any script to rely on. It can be used to devise productions, for character development and for comedy. At Fancy Entertainment, we use it for all these things and to add another layer of quality to our characters. Our performers are trained to develop their characters beyond the text, because after all, when do children ever stick to the book?

Our family performances are rarely what we rehearse as they are often interrupted by a child or two with burning questions! “Alice, where is the White Rabbit?” “Mad Hatter, what’s under your hat?” “Queen of Hearts, why are you so ugly?” As irrelevant or crazy as these questions get, our characters would naturally know all the answers. I’m proud to know that all our performers will take special care to answer all questions and have personal moments with every child. Although many of our shows involve a classic performance space and spectator space, Fancy Entertainment eliminates the barrier between stage and audience to make our experiences fully immersive and encourage watchers to let their imagination go wild!

My aim for Fancy Entertainment, is twenty years down the line, to not only to continue thriving as we are today, but to be a ‘can you remember’ over someone else’s family dinner table.

Begin to make memories today and drop me a message. We have dozens of family themes available as stand alone shows, promenade theatre experiences, interactive workshops and our well-loved roaming characters. Let today be the start of making your events a little bit Fancy!

TEL: 07814 661968
E-MAIL: info@fancyentertainment.co.uk
WEBSITE: www.fancyentertainment.co.uk