Well that’s definitely what happened for Buckso as the entertainment world took a massive blow from the pandemic and immediately ceased to run.

This meant that, apart from the self-employment loan that was given, no money whatsoever was coming through for Buckso.

But that wasn’t going to mess up her plans, as she then decided to finally put her Coaching qualification to use and so, during lockdown, created her own 121 and group coaching platform.

“I wasn’t prepared to just sit by and watch who and what would come to help because that would mean having no control, so by creating my program, moving online, I’m now going to be in a better position going forward. The need to be present online is even more important NOW than it’s ever been, that’s why THIS publication really WILL come into its own, raising profiles and increasing brand awareness for all those women in business ALL over the UK,” explains Buckso.

She continues” My Acting roles and Voiceover work will start up at some point this year but in the meantime, I’m offering my skills out as The Resilient Confidence Coach, for all those that are feeling knocked back through recent events and haven’t the courage or direction they need, to get going again. My 121 program will guarantee you get BACK on course, to where you were heading or, even change direction altogether.”

You can get hold of Buckso via her website:
facebook group:
email: bucksodw@gmail.com
phone : 07742 265282