Over the last year I have created a home studio in a lovely idyllic location for ladies to visit where I offer a fabulous “Fashion Experience” and from January I will be introducing lingerie and a bra fitting service.

My business is all about providing a relaxed, informal, no pressure and enjoyable experience for women. It is based on my personal likes and dislikes of shopping. A service level that I would expect myself and developing long lasting client relationships.

My clients range from seventeen to seventy, ladies that love shopping but dislike shops, ladies that have lost their love or like of clothes, ladies that are looking to rediscover their own personal style and ladies with busy lives and careers. We are all unique individuals and we all deserve an enjoyable experience, no matter what our circumstances, status or financial position.

It has taken some years for me to get to this point in life. I choose how my days, weeks and months will look. I run my businesses to suit me, not my life to suit my businesses.

Choices we make can lead to circumstances that we had never anticipated for ourselves. That certainly was the case for me when I found myself with a one-year old living on £70 a week, a fare bit of debt and having to send the keys back for the house I owned.

Fast forward twenty-three years, quite a few ups and downs, plenty of resilience, determination and some time out, I have several businesses, a few properties and I am creating the life I want. This year I moved into my forever home!

I have experienced different lifestyles, including over thirteen years in the Middle East where I worked with some amazing individuals on some very special projects including the Qatar 2022 Bid to host The FIFA World Cup and subsequently with The Secretary General for five and half years.

When I was counting the pennies, budgeting my money between food, utilities and debt collectors I never thought I would be able to own my own home again. I certainly never envisaged working for such high-profile individuals on a project that would make history!

The Seeds of My Success come from many different people, places and experiences planted at different times throughout my life. They have allowed me to accept, reject and make decisions that have been right for me at that point in my life. I am happy with who I am, what I have achieved and where I am in life. I haven’t finished yet. There are a lot more seeds to grow!

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