I am the new Landlady of RTZANS at the Maypole Theatre and Bar. Opening night is 27th September. Where there’ll be live music and I’ll be singing a set too.

I started off my artistic journey at 8yrs old attending dance and drama classes until 14. I later discovered my voice and have been lead singer in bands. A recording Artist, an Arts Administrator; and even after a break a Fraud investigator.

The Arts has always been my passion but due to the BAME experience in the Arts work isn’t always available when one wants to progress within the industry.

I then decided to launch my business EMBAA East Midlands BAME Arts Associated last year. Producing work with students in galleries locally. Performing as an Artist for Windrush for people in the community, the Mayor and more.

But when the opportunity to gain access to the Maypole and its Theatre I jumped at it as an Artist or RTZAN the passion is a lifestyle and I wanted to encourage develop and sustain that availability in the community. And ensure that offer is extended quite loudly also to the BAME Arts community..

This is only the first step, but I currently have a call out for Black History Month 31Days email donna@embaa.co.uk to register your interest.


Tel: 07946 609375 | E-mail: donna@embaa.co.uk | Visit: www.embaa.co.uk