Is your business ready for Growth?

Marketing professional Caroline Micallef-Wragg shares with us today the importance of keeping positive during these very sticky times.

Marketing with a difference is so important today especially with the whole world in turmoil. How have you been coping? Is business good for you, have you been able to adjust working more from home and adapting to online meetings and video conferencing solutions to just keep going?

How are you coping?

Maybe you have been suffering with fatigue and mental health issues, I am not surprised, all of this has an effect on our mindset and ability to perform proficiently with our work, never mind the ongoing corona virus epidemic!
What is happening with the world is affecting every single person, being and business owner everywhere!

It’s disgraceful what has happened to George Floyd. The world has reacted quite rightly so. I felt I needed to mention this. Humanity has gone mad. What world are we in?

It’s the violence and destruction of wonderful things of beautiful people that I really can’t comprehend, especially as we have enough hurt and illness to contend with.

Get on Track

We might have digressed a little, but I’m addressing what is topical right now and what can actually have an impact on the way people live and work and how relationships are built and re-built.

Getting back on track is where we can help businesses, regain that focus and direction. Offering help and advice in these turbulent times.

The Market Opportunities

When you are out there looking for new customers and clients for your business, you know your stuff, you know your business really well and the fact is people will buy from you if they like you and can trust you. Whether you are a small independent business owner to a large corporate branded organisation. Trust is the key factor, reliability and recognition. But this is going into another subject about trusted brands and why people buy from different places – the psychology of this I’m not going into today.

There are many opportunities for business even right now during this crisis. Coping through a recession does mean adjusting and re-focusing what you do or have been doing. Adapting to change does not come easy for many people. But with good heart and a great attitude, reskilled or upskilled, you have the solution to help many others too.


Feel Good about Selling

So back to marketing your business! How can we? Do you feel pressurised to sell and feel bad about it? It’s really a different world and important to look within. Enabling yourself to feel good about you. Your state of health does have a massive impact on how you work and the work you are producing that is being prepared to share with the world.

Whenever I hear of a social media post “going viral” it makes me shiver. Not because of the fact that it’s awesome reach but the terminology today connecting with the actual Virus that has infiltrated everyone’s lives. So let’s flip this onto a more positive note.

What message are you sending out to people, clients, customers and all those who you want to reach?

Let’s raise the positivity and create those successful vibes that everyone wants. What is your number one message to your clients and prospective clients right now? How are you making them feel? Have you been in touch with them during the last 3 months? It’s ok if you haven’t, it has been a difficult time for many.

Relationship marketing is at the heart of this current time. There are things you can do to pick up the pace and to get your business visible again and making money. There is nothing wrong with that either! The social media platforms are filled with tons of FREE stuff! What message is that giving out? Who can people trust? There we go, that trust thing again.

To trust and then to deliver…. Well we are going one step further to after the sale and involves building and maintaining those relationships using the various platforms and channels of communication that are relevant to that client.

Right now, you need help to get your sales up, to bring new clients in, to grow your business. Remember when we talked about getting marketing right and your sales
will follow? Well, there is a process to that and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Rev up your Business and Marketing

We have developed a special programme in line with working from home that absolutely gives you all the tools you need to market your business right now. It’s our Rev up Business and Marketing Programme, slightly tweaked adding a crisis management and support system to help you get on the right tracks. It includes strategic marketing, planning, getting to the core looking at core values, mission, vision and values. We work on mindset and clarity, giving you total visibility so you know you are on the right track.

It’s a 4 month programme done in a small group with live sessions and 121 time as a bonus.

If you would like an information pack that tells you a bit more, please contact me.

Special offer

For all Savvy Readers and members Starflower are offering a free no obligation Discovery Session that looks at your marketing strategy, future business and income stream plan. Get in touch so we can help you to Shine out Loud and be Seen and Heard.

See you soon. Caroline x
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