When I started my marketing career in the late 1980s, little did we know how vastly things would change. From paste up artwork, wining and dining editors and journalists to digital production and now digital social marketing.

But I’m not going to talk to you about that, my work as a marketing strategist is pivotal to the success of any business growth strategy. I’m sure other marketers would agree… Add to that almost 30 years experience in different core sectors of industry, we have much to share.

Every business needs a strategy, just like every football team, sports person, teacher, student, mum, dad, relationship expert HR professionals, CEO and even a funeral director. What’s the common denominator? People! With outcome, expectations to win, achieve and to deliver. Whatever the industry, product or service you are providing, ultimately it’s how you make people feel and the benefits they receive from you.

To succeed needs a strategic approach that is planned and then well executed. Practice and preparation is key and then learning constantly to improve tactics and benefits to get those profitable outcomes.

So what happens then when you treat marketing holistically? No, we don’t fall in to a melt down voodoo, woo woo session… well, we can if you want to hahaha…. It’s about looking deep down to the core and your values of what is important to you and then aligning that with your values and the clients that want to buy from you.

How do we do that? You can find out more next time, but in the meantime, we’ll give you a snippet of what to expect.

Building business relationships that last is the focus and holistic marketing looks at the whole concept. Including business development, planning, Sales functionality, cash flow, mapping techniques and very important, having a lifestyle to enjoy and be healthy.

Marketing supports sales and your brand comes before that. Sales will flow when all marketing elements work together. The problem today is the rise of so many marketers driving people down the black hole of social media and calling themselves marketing experts. I have nothing against social media, in fact support it thoroughly in the context of marketing strategies and activities that lead you to those income producing activities you desire.

At this time of year, it’s important to review and renew your marketing activities and plans. Getting ready to start a new year with vigour and with positive stuff in your diary. Map it out, look to who your clients are and who you want to be working with. Create a message that speaks to your audience and work out your signature offers, products and services. Then create the right strategy that will help you win more business, without overwhelm and without wasting your precious time.

Marketing with a holistic twist, enables you to incorporate everything and focus on those key factors that will get business in for you quickly and effectively and with long term sustainability.

If you are in it for the quick fix, look away now! Strategic marketing with an holistic twist works, no aggressive advertising, messages or harsh tactics needed. Being serious about your business and having the passion is important, but you need a plan and a focused activity schedule that will lead you to growth and future income potential.

Professionals plan, strategize, practice, fail, get up, start again and above all, keep going and never give up! Treat your business seriously, be congruent with your plans, actions and what your expectations are. Be realistic and make sure you have those building blocks and solid foundations in place, because after all, it is what is going to ultimately help you to win the right clients that buy from you, grow your income and expand your reputation in a positive way. Helping you to Shine out Loud and be Seen and Heard.

How realistic are your business plans? Ready to fire up your marketing in 2020?

Working holistically, we know there is no quick fix to building a successful and sustainable business. Sadly there are pressures on business owners today to operate at maximum speed and work all hours to compete for business. Why? It blocks creativity, reduces the chance to meet with your prospective clients and brings missed opportunities, not to mention, the affects it has on family life and your health. (How do we manage to keep growing our businesses with these pressures of overwhelm?) In our next edition we are going to share with you how you can grow your business using key marketing strategies that are aligned with your core values, giving you a sense of control and building momentum!

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