If you are ready to make a difference in what you do, I can show you how you can grow your business using key marketing strategies that are aligned with your core values, giving you a sense of control and building momentum! So are you ready to embrace a different way of working?

Think about your core values, what is working for you right now and what is not? What’s important to you and what is less so? Think about these factors as you read through this article and any help and support you need, please do contact us.

Marketing with a Difference

It’s inevitable. You are continuing working the way you do. You have invested in lots of different areas to grow your business, including trying different styles of marketing on line as well as off line.

You are unsure of what is working, how it works, whether you have invested in the right areas of marketing. Or really are totally bamboozled by the whole thing?

The fact is, not all businesses are the same. Not all business owners are the same – thankfully I say to this one, it’s what makes everyone unique that enables those differentiators to shine out loud.

Save money, Save time, make an impact

By applying the right marketing solutions to your business, not only can it be very cost effective, but very rewarding, saving you time and money.

Following on from our last edition of Marketing Today for Savvy Women and this applies to business men too, in particular because my company, The Starflower Company Ltd is not gender specific and we have vast experience in working with many different industry sectors and business styles, especially our holistic way of working that transforms any outlook on marketing and sales.


Anyway, back to our story today, I can’t help but express my concerns for Business Owners and their expectations in the market place. These expectations to have things delivered yesterday! To have results instantly! To see a fast ROI without putting in the groundwork!

So, if you want to liken your business to a fast food emporium then maybe you are not in the right game, unless of course, you are looking at a franchise or licencing model, or indeed are in the fast food business.

Let’s have a look at this constant push and pressure. It could be all that social media noise out there pushing you to work faster and raising your stress levels? It could be other companies offering the same or similar amazing services or products to you? Does this bother you? For some smaller business owners, it may do that and you may want to speak to a business coach for support on this one.

For more established businesses, having a focused and structured approach to your marketing solutions that will get you the results and conversions you want, is down to you, your perceptions, your attitude and your passion.

Look at what you have been doing, review and release what isn’t working for you. Develop new strategic alliances and get out networking with people who make your heart sing! That way you know you are on the right track and amongst your target audience.

Building Business Relationships that Last

Understanding your requirements to be successful requires thought and planning as well as looking at who your target audience is (your prospective clients) what they actually want and whether you are the right company to fill that gap for them.
It also depends on that relationship you are building with that company/organisation and building business relationships that last is what this is all about. In fact we ran an event on this very subject last year.

Starflower Company have developed a special and unique mapping system that highlights the exact areas you need to be working on that enable you to work on those income producing activities that creates movement in your business and not activities that keep you going round in circles. It has become a crucial part of the planning process and gives total clarity as well as a realistic kick up the backside. This follows definite “Aha” moments and highlights time wasting activities and where you need to focus your time.

What has this all got to do with marketing? Well everything! Because, I’m not saying you can’t have fast results, what I am saying, is this won’t happen unless you are prepared to invest in building those foundations first and it involves a strategic marketing eye coupled with a good financial plan.

In order to build a sustainable business, whatever size, whichever market, product or service, you need to raise awareness first and build an audience where people can get to know you, understand what you do, trust you and then they will buy from you. Whether you are building these relationships on line or off line, the process is similar, but the differentiators here are what you are actually offering and where your clients actually hang out.

There is no such a thing as a quick fix in marketing your business. Your credibility, reputation and trust elements are paramount to any success you create in your business and your life. Like the flow of a river or movement of an ocean. It needs to flow and so does your business.

So stay calm, focus on what is really important to you right now. You can’t operate at high stress or expect to be productive when the work flows in.

In our next editions we will be looking at the key factors that are needed to raise your profile, become better known in your field of expertise and how you can connect with new audiences and grow your business. Remember if you really want to make an impact, shine as a leader in your field of expertise and grow a sustainable and successful business, it’s you who is the magic behind that success.

We have rolling programmes as well as group based programmes to get your marketing into first gear as well as advanced marketing solutions for business and leaders. For more information please get in touch.

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