There is a saying ‘When life throws you lemons, make lemonade’ but it’s hard to remember to do that when those lemons come hurtling along isn’t it?

So a bit about me. I started my career in the late 1980’s as a Management Trainee in Retailing, destined to be a Supermarket Manager, despite wanting to go into personnel (now HR) after observing that role in Marks and Spencer’s as a student sales asst.

My Mum, my greatest role model, always encouraged me to never turn down an opportunity, so when I was offered a 3 month attachment to the personnel department, I took it, That started my ‘real career’ that was to last over 30 years, until in 2011 my post as a Senior HR professional was, devastatingly, made redundant.

Now those lemons had been flying, even before 2011, let me tell you. From 2003, over a seven-year period, I lost 3 of my very close family, including my Mum, my best friend and confidante. I suffered reactive depression. Not an easy diagnosis for someone who was in total control and a bit of a tough cookie. Well I was then!

So, lots of lemons accumulated!!

I remembered though that lemons could be made into lemonade and later, in 2011, reflecting on the parts of my professional career I had enjoyed most, I trained and qualified as a Business and Personal Coach. I loved learning about the human psychology; how we end up with the beliefs we do, where they come from, how we hold ourselves back from achieving our real potential and most importantly, how I can help my clients blast through them and have the success that they deserve.

I work with business owners to help them have a more profitable business.

We work on the stuff that’s keeping them stuck and stopping them moving forward, getting focus, getting and keeping that motivation and momentum and having the business that they deserve.

In 2016 I launched The Success Planner, the ultimate planning tool for busy business owners.

Now all work and no play make us dull folk apparently. Well dull is not me (I hope)! My hobby for over 40 years has been Girlguiding. So, having enjoyed my time as a girl, I became a leader 33 years ago and still love it. I’m so privileged to have an impact on the lives of girls and young women and know that I have just changed the lives of one or two, because they’ve told me. I’ve run large scale camps, travelled abroad and met some amazing people.

With a passion for the development of women in business and my love of connecting the right people to each other, I bought the franchise for The Athena Network in Nottinghamshire. We are the leading international networking, training and development club for women in business. Athena is passionate about helping women develop stronger, more profitable businesses and we attract talented and highly motivated women, determined to fulfil their business goals.

The Region is a vibrant, supportive community with women developing not only themselves but their businesses, which is what it’s all about.

If I can help you develop a more awesome business, then let’s chat.

Tel 07818 086939