Photo by – Ursula Kelly @studiosoftbox

We all feel a little bit better when we sing, right? Singing increases serotonin (the happy hormone) and decreases cortisol (the stress hormone). When we sing we feel elated and in a better mood.

But did you know that these wonderful things are amplified when we sing together!? I am Kari and I run a community choir, a smaller chamber choir and workshops/choirs in the workplace.

The feedback from my singers has helped me to understand the massive impact that singing in a group can have on people’s lives.
One lady told me just the other week that she had taken medication for anxiety and depression for years… until she joined our choir. What?! Seriously? Well yes! It’s not just the singing but the sense community, the feeling of belonging and the achievement of succeeding a choir experiences.

It has been suggested that when people sing together, their heart beats are synchronised, so that the pulse of choir members tends to increase and decrease in unison. So there’s little wonder that we feel connected! I also recently asked my choir members about friendships within the singing group – lots of new friends made, lots of old friendships rekindled and plenty of people bringing along their friends to share the singing magic. l’ve noticed too that this spreads into the workplace improving staff relationships and creating a positive community within the organisation.

I’d encourage anyone to give singing a go! There are community choirs everywhere if you look for them. Or, of course, I can come into your workplace.

Kari Olsen-Porthouse