In the current climate I’m finding a lot of small business owners are looking at other ways to help with their visibility, one tool that most already have but gets under used, is their website, it often gets over looked in view of Social Media platforms.

But what if Facebook was to crash tomorrow or Instagram has a black out? do you have a back up? would your business still be visible? This is where your website comes in.

You have full control over the design and branding on your own website, what you promote and how you do it. With Social media platforms you are at the mercy of their design and choices.

So I have put together an ebook on my top 20 tips to implement into your site, help with visibility and keep you going through this unusual time.

It can be downloaded for FREE here:

Below are my top three tips that are included within the ebook for you:

1. Having A clear Navigation.

Your website menu should be clear, simple and easy to access, usually at the top of the page, with names that represent the content well. Don’t be tempted to add in a hundred pages (slight exaggeration here) Between 5-8 pages on your main menu is enough, if you really need more then add them in as links on the relevant pages for the content.
2. Using White Space.

This links with the minimal menu pages, white or clear space helps to declutter a page, too much on one page will confuse a visitor and they will leave. White space is clean and clear, it’s easier for a visitor to navigate your website and find the products/services/information they are looking for.

3. Your Contact Details.

These need to be easily visible on your home page, an email address and phone number placed above the fold is best. Adding your full contact details in the footer also works as it will then appear on each page and is accessible for any potential customers/visitors to contact you. If you hide your details away you will find visitors leaving your page before they find them, and possibly getting frustrated.

I really hope this has helped and you find some really useful tips in the ebook, again it can be downloaded for FREE here:

Laura Goodsell

Helping you to create through Canva and WordPress