Hi, my name is Priti, I have been working with body and soul for over 25 years, using light touch I facilitate the body’s natural inherent power of self healing. I treat the person as a whole, helping others to reduce stress and anxiety, waking the body up and increasing vitality.  Reflecting on my own life experiences I am passionate about empowering others to lead fulfilled, joyous and loving lives. Lives that you choose – not chosen by others!

I am a Bodyworker, Craniosacral therapist, Lightworker and TRE provider.  TRE stands for tension, trauma and stress release exercises.

TRE was devised by David Berceli an American neurologist who works in areas of conflict and natural disasters.

A set of simple exercises ignite a primitive response within the body causing you to gently shake out tension and stress, helping the body to let go of deep chronic patterns of dysfunction, promoting new feelings of connection and ease.  It is safe, self regulating, transformative and life changing.

Now you may be thinking I don’t have trauma in my life and your definition of trauma maybe dire, awful, life and death scenarios, but this is not the case.

Trauma is defined as anything that overwhelms you and enables your bodies ability to cope. It comes in all shapes and sizes, mild severe, past or present, financial, work or personal issues. Challenging life events leave imprints in  the body. Tension and trauma, even if we don’t realise it, causes us to behave and react differently. The physiology of the body is affected in so many ways, mentally and physically:

Poor judgement,


Poor memory.

Irritability, anger, rage, anxiety, depression.

Self destruct mode, poor sleep.

Dissociations, lack of feelings, poor self esteem, negative self thoughts,

Feelings of apathy and isolation

Excessive blame and flashbacks


Physically our bodies become stuck and tight, old parts (reptilian) of our brain become stuck too. When this happens the brain tends to keep us stuck in the same old story, telling us that we are still in pain for example. Concentrating on protection and survival your nervous system is in constant fight, flight or freeze, releasing adrenaline and cortisol into the body. This chemical soup flows through the body compromising the immune system  and causing conditions such as ME, fibromyalgia, arthritis and other inflammatory condition, IBS, palpitations, aches and pains in limbs and joints.

TRE helps to unstick these old parts of the brain and soften your body, your reactions and your relationships change, life flows much better.

The other awesome thing about this therapy is that there is no need:-

To talk about difficult things.

To confront painful experiences

To get lost in overwhelming emotions.





Priti Coles TRE

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