Meet Annabel Ward founder and Director of Fancy Entertainment which, in a nutshell, pretty much does what it says on the tin! A company that brings your events to LIFE, with a vast array of acts and theatrical productions that are guaranteed to make any get together a true delight and lots of fun!

The company provides a range of entertainment from theme parks wanting performers, launch parties needing acts to the kids who need occupying with some theatre magic. Maybe youre looking for some fire eating welcome hosts, or stilt walking waiters? Whatever your event needs, they can find it. Based in Nottinghamshire, Annabel is keen to stress they can cater to any area of the UK as well as having big plans to spread their wings internationally.

The company has been running for 5 years going from strength to strength. Annabel, who is herself a performer and features in a couple of performances, has a keen eye for potential staff and always strives for perfection ensuring anyone she takes on, is a professional with a portfolio of experience.


Being able to run a business whilst also flexing the performer muscle within oneself truly is a gift for Annabel as she knows, this is what brings fulfilment in life and is what one should strive to achieve when working for oneself.

Mum to a little one, Annabel continues to forge ahead and refuses to allow the difficult act of balancing motherhood with her passion to get in the way. She feels this is an important message to relay to all those out there, also balancing motherhood with marriage and running your own business saying, “its important to keep lines of communication open at all times, with both your staff and your partner. This gives you the inner peace knowing your door is always open even though it may not come across as so”.

Find out whats new for 2020 with Fancy Entertainment and what challenges, if any, that Annabel intends to or has, overcome.
tel: 07814 661968