Did you know that roughly 70 million barrels of oil are used a year to manufacture polyester fibre for our clothing? Polyester is the most commonly used material and takes around 200 years to decompose.

Every time we wash an item of polyester, microplastics are released into the waterways. If we continue, by 2050 there could be an excess of 20 million tonnes in our oceans.

I will not allow my small person to grow up with this burden on her teeny little shoulders.

I want to make sure that the clothes she wears, that I buy her, are not contributing to the destruction of our planet.

This, is the reason I started Barefoot Baby, ethical clothing for kids.

Fast fashion is systematically destroying our planet. But we can do something about it!

We can all take responsibility to research where we buy our clothes from, to not send so much to landfill. We can all source our clothes from ethical retailers. GOTS certified organic cotton brands, that don’t leach microplastics wash after wash.

Companies that don’t use planned obsolescence, but that make clothes which last. If we don’t replace things every season, the cost per wear is not only lower, but the cost to the planet, inconceivable.

In the words of Vivienne Westwood
“Buy less, choose well”.

Barefoot Baby is an independent retailer of ethical, organic children’s clothing. We stock sizes from newborn to age six.