Can’t tell you obviously who it is im playing, but this will now be three times over the last decade of acting, that I’ve had the fortune of appearing in one role or another, in Coronation Street. In fact, it has a very special place in my heart, as it was the very first job I got three months after getting an agent. For some of you avid fans out there who will remember, I played the registrar who married Tony and Carla, around 11 yrs ago now.

So what else is going on in my current activities? Well, alongside sourcing discerning locations for this fabulous publication of ours to go into, I am also always on the lookout for fascinating and inspiring individuals who have an interesting backstory, as to why they do what they do today. I have a very interesting story that leads up to why I’m doing what I am doing today and maybe I’ll share that with you at some point, but I am also in the process of writing a book called “Corner-shop to West End” – one woman’s tale of perceived success through adversity. I’m also speaking at a few events, mainly on the topic of the importance of being able to portray oneself as authentically and transparently as possible, both in the workplace and in life. I often hear individuals at networking meetings saying that their business isn’t doing very well, I ask a few questions and it transpires that invariably, it’s the individual themselves that has the issue and not the business. This is a very common thread that runs through a lot of people’s personal lives and business and it is quite a simple one to rectify, if only we own up to this fact that indeed, we ourselves, should continually work on our personal development. Having completed a life coaching certification last year, I am now creating an online course called the Buk-Su Method in collaboration with one Susan Gardner, who runs her own meta wellbeing business that encourages individuals to step out of life in the fast lane, and this will be available online end of March this year.

So I’ll end there and look forward to sharing more of what the next three months brings, and also just to remind you, that we are going to be launching a quarterly meet that encourages all contributors/members of both magazines (Savvy Women and Savvy Life) to join us and celebrate each print edition, by coming along and picking up your own copy, as well as meeting like minded individuals that are also part of this fantastic publication.

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