I often get asked what it is that I do. I take steps…..into your business, watch how you work, step by step. Then I see how those steps fit into the systems I create that are more efficient and often more feasible for small businesses. I assist you with implementing those steps, train you to integrate them into your business and offer long term support; so you are never left sat looking at a computer screen scratching your head ever again.

When I branded myself a web solutions expert 4 years ago, I didn’t ask myself what it was, I just went with it. I don’t fit into a one-size fits all box as my thinking processes fits across so many scenarios and platforms. I realised over time it was the absolute best way to describe what it is that I do.

I can take your business and totally shake up how you work and boom you suddenly have the time to actually focus on the important things you actually want to spend your time on.
It doesn’t need to take an age to do the process, but it can take time to assess and adjust. Communication is key to the process and getting the right questions answered at the right stages also ensure a smooth transition to the dream working systems.

Pixie-box is my vision, my way of enabling businesses to thrive with my own version of pixie-dust.

My creative magic takes me on all manner of journeys, the bulk of my clients are website clients who have solutions integrating their course and membership websites to Customer Management systems that then deal with monthly newsletters, deal with leads from website contact forms and enable you to record client specific content on an individual level. The possibilities are endless.

I have also developed a global advertising system for small businesses which I have called Hubatty.com. My aim with hubatty is to enable small businesses a way of getting their business out there at a small cost, it can be used as a micro-site (small website), way of advertising events, offers, organically growing traffic to your social media profiles, groups or website.

A little bit about me – I have 20 years web development experience, 11 years commercial software training experience, I am a creative spirit, I love all manner of crafts and nature. I am also a number one Amazon bestselling author – with Rise of the Mumpreneur.

I started my own web solutions company when I became a single parent to my two amazing children. It enabled me to mould my time around my children more effectively.

I love doing what I do. I am passionate about helping people being as efficient as they can be within their businesses.

I have the patience of a saint, I have the gift to train the untrainable. Training in a commercial environment often meant the teams I was arriving to train were against me rather than with me.

If I helped them I can help you!

More information to follow in the next edition.



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